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Judith Richards

Notable News from P-6

Assignments for the

Week of May 23


    Please note: Students are expected to have pencils, erasers, crayons, and their spiral notebook available daily, so these items are not listed below.

Students should read 20 minutes, 5 days­ a week

Students should complete Xtra Math, 5 days a week

DAY 1  

1. Xtra Math

2. Zearn lesson

3. Read 20 minutes

4. Finish Look at Me paper

5. Finish Thank You note


DAY 2 

1. Xtra Math

2. Zearn lesson

3. Read 20 minutes

4. K packet, Dragon write and draw



1. Do Xtramath

2.Watch Mystery Science mini lesson, Do fish sleep ? . You also should watch the bonus videos at the end, too. Write the answers to the following questions and then post it in SeeSaw.             

   a.Do fish sleep ?

   b. Which fish do you think was the most amazing at the end?

3. Zearn lesson

4. Read 20 minutes


how to record on seesaw

n DSeeSaw

  1. Click on the green + circle
  2. Click on Post Student Work
  3. Click on the photo/camera
  4. Take picture of your work
  5. Click on the microphone on your left – it will give you 3 seconds and then it starts recording
  6. Read your writing out loud
  7. When you are finished, click the green done button at the top right
  8. You can play back and hear yourself
  9. Send it to Mrs. Richards by clicking on the green circle with a check mark



Please remember that ALL volunteers need to be fingerprinted through the school district office. You will need this to work in our classrooms, help at classroom parties, and accompany us on any field trips. The good news is that the fingerprint clearance has to be done only once and is good until your child graduates from high school. Please call the District’s Personnel Office at 682-8000, ext. 4153 to make an appointment. There is also form on the district website: and click the parents section.

 If you think other family members might want to occasionally volunteer or join us on a field trip make sure that they get fingerprinted as well. It seems every year that I have to turn away a grandparent who wants to go on a field trip or help with the year-end party.

IXL Math


IXL.COM suggestions: Addition -one digit (Section E) \

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If you need your IXL username or password, please contact me.

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